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Slow details, section cuts, saving models and drawings ...

Question asked by Robbie De Smedt on Jul 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by Glenn Schroeder



At work we're using Solidworks and Solidworks PDM.

We recently placed our workstations at our local workplace.
Solidworks is still being run from a distant server in another building.



Graphical everything is running smooth: turning the 3D-model, zooming in and out, ...
But, adding detail views in drawings, resizing the details, adding section cuts, adding views, saving models and drawings ... all takes longer than it should even though the models are checked out in EPDM.

In short, everything that needs some calculating takes about a minute or two...


Could this be caused because the server running solidworks is at another site?


GPU: Quadro K2200
CPU: Xenon E5-1630 v3


Thanks in advance.