Tim Cochrane

PDMworks BUG

Discussion created by Tim Cochrane on Feb 27, 2009
I have a lot of our off the shelf parts stored in our design library. Some are parts, some are assemblies.

I have one assembly that is a linear rail with two blocks on it. Pretty simple.

I have tried to save it to the folder on the network 2 ways:

1. Find References->copy file.

2. Manually place this file in the folder, along with its parts.

So its references should be correct....right?


After messing with this I did make sure to run "set document property" on the folders.

I insert it into an assembly and the one part is still missing.

So I go in and find the unopened part in the parts library folder where the assembly is. Open it up. Then I open the assembly again and it works. I check the references. The references are correct so I re-save the files using steps 1 or 2 above.

Go open it up and the part is still missing.

Anybody else have these problems?