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failed static study, contact difficulties

Question asked by Babis Lazaridis on Jul 30, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 31, 2018 by Babis Lazaridis

hi i have an assembly of two parts: a rail and a wheel. the contact surfaces are curves and the connection can happen between a curve and a point and it's generally complicated. i have managed to connect a split line on the wheel with a reference point on the rail, but the static study i try to run always fails. i use curvature based mesh (nothing changes if i increase the mesh) and i have tried using bonded or no penetration component contacts with bonded or no penetration contact sets on the surfaces close to the contact area. in the study the degrees of freedom are about 200.000  so nothing extreme there. do you have any idea as to how i should connect the two parts so i can run the study?  what can be the problem? sadly i can't upload the whole part because of company policies. i can post more images in case you need any.