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Identify and remove redundant mates?

Question asked by Tom Gagnon on Jul 27, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2018 by John Stoltzfus

Q: Is there any way to remove all unnecessary or redundant mates, and still leave it fully defined?


I'll elaborate.

I piece assemblies together like Lego. This goes here, along this, so far from other, aligned as such.. repeat and repeat. Assembly stays Fully Defined and not Over-Defined (FD & not OD).

Then, I start cutting it apart to alter, improve, un-obstruct, un-collide, or w/e. This item needs bigger size, change this tee to elbow, etc. It varies widely.

When cutting apart a square-ish portion of right angled components, I can destroy some mates, and it still remains FD & not OD. This is because the right angles mean that between these FD components, other items stay in place and FD because of relations remaining to the more defined things. Yes, I'm struggling to explain this correctly, and will struggle more to try to reproduce it to demonstrate in images w/o file share.


So, clearly some mates are useful enough in my process to get the component to where and how it's needed, then become redundant once interlinked with the full sequence.


Is there any way to have MateXpert (or something else) diagnose this for me, and remove the most mates possible while still remaining fully defined?

I'd accept either case of just here's your maximum removed case, or selecting through a series of options of what to remove, if indeed some of those were defining priority, kinda like SketchXpert or MateXpert already offer possible solution sets that you can click through and select the best or intended one from.


Of course, I can pull mates out myself like loose wires and see it the device still functions, just like Monkeys in room with typewriters eventually producing Shakespeare. Undo if broken, and move on to break more (or not). I have thousands of mates, and that doesn't even count those within subassemblies (thank intent for that). I already poke and prod sometimes, and wondered if there was a solution to have it done for me.


Anything I can do to reduce mates in a large assembly would improve performance, even if it was only like 5% of them.

Sometimes when switching from edit assembly to publishing drawing revision, I'll update or recreate a subconfiguration where everything is fixed instead. That's a clunky workaround to achieve Lg Assy drawing performance.


It it is not available, I think it'd be a serious contender for new ideas in future releases.

"Think for me, software!!! Take my junk and polish it to perfection!" Ok, that was just facetious.

Thanks for your time.