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Auxillary bom not matching Main?

Question asked by robert dattilo on Jul 27, 2018


     I have a situation where a former employee set up a sheet with a major bom on the 1st sheet, & then individual boms on additional sheets matching the first.

I find if I restore a hidden bom item, it goes to the next no. not the number from sheet 1. Like most I hate to have to overwrite the number, but is that the best I can do in this situation, or is there a way to link them?

    Specifically, item 42 the washer shows up on sheet one as item 42, but when I make it visible in the auxillary bom it shows up as item 4.2018-07-27_1342-MainBomSheet.png



Thanks in advance for any input;

Rob_D  SW 2017 sp5