Jon Brunke

OK to Ignore Warnings?

Discussion created by Jon Brunke on Feb 27, 2009
I've have Enterprise PDM up and running and seeking advice on which if any warnings can be routinely ignored. The question only applies to those pop up warnings including the "Don't ask me again" toggle.

The question is not based on lack of respect for the consequences of ignoring something important.

In our previous CAD system we learned (over time) certain warnings always had to be addressed, some eventually and others could be routinely ignored. Also, the display of warnings could not be altered by the end user. Warnings could still be ignored by the end user but he or she couldn't claim ignorance if something really bad happened as a result of their failure to react to a specific warning.

Our SolidWorks users are becoming aware they now have the ability to permanently ignore warnings. The concern is they are doing this when they are annoyed by a warning they feel is inappropriate.

For instance "you have modified this item and it should checked out". Many times, from their perspective, they haven't modified "a darn thing" so their hitting the "don't ask me again" toggle. I'm thinking this could be bad down the road.

I'm aware there are probably schemes I could employ to reset the warnings. I'd prefer education over forced compliance.

Any practical experience would be appreciated. Oh we're running both SolidWorks and Enterprise PDM at release 2008, SP 3.1 and 0 respectively.

Thanks in advance,

Jon B