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Help with complex feature

Question asked by Jared Andrews on Jul 27, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2018 by Jared Andrews

Hi guys- been playing with this for a while now and looking for some help with the general approach to the following challenge - any insight and tips are greatly appreciated


Started with a 3D scan (STP & x_t ) that was sent to me as a starting point and needs to be re-created as a model that can be manipulated etc. The specific part I am struggling with is how this "boss" intersects this cylindrical/conical shape (highlighted in yellow) specifically the area in red needs some slight changes.


I have tried many methods unsuccessfully, most starting with creating a plane on the "boss portion- flat"  (blue) and working from there- everything from a loft with paths to splitting and deleting some faces on the cylindrical portion. I think i have worked in circles as I have been running into snags so hoping somebody much more talented than me may be able to help me with a good approach


Again the goal is to have a model that can be manipulated- trying to learn so any approaches and tips appreciated.  3d scanned file attached