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Adding Multipliers to Various Attributes

Question asked by Jeff Whalen on Jul 27, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2018 by Mathieu Fourcade



I have a few questions in regards to adding multipliers to various drawing attributes. I've had some difficulty getting the following to work and would be interested to know if there are solutions:


1) Multipliers on Dimensions and Corresponding GD&T - When I link a GD&T control frame to a dimension that has a multiplier, the multiplier does not apply to the GD&T control frame; I have to also add a separate multiplier to the GD&T, which seems redundant. Is there any way to link these in a way that the GD&T follows the dimensions multiplier?


2) Grouping of Dimensions and GD&T with Multipliers - When exporting multiplied dimensions and their corresponding GD&T to the inspection report, all the dimensions are grouped followed by the GD&T grouped, since they have different balloon numbers. However when dealing with a large multiplier (for example 25X), the dimensions and GD&T are separated by a large number of rows making it difficult to fill out the report. Is there anyway to interlace linked dimensions and GD&T Control Frames?


3) Multipliers for Notes - Using the nX formatting that works to multiply dimensions doesn't seem to work with notes. Is there any way to multiply a note?


4) Multipliers for Surface Finish - We have a need to call out surface finish around a repeating hole. Is there any way to add a multiplier to a surface finish callout so the drawing doesn't have so many separate callouts?