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Best Practice for PDM Folder Permissions & Templates...

Question asked by Shawn Talley on Jul 27, 2018

Good Morning,


I am curious regarding what might be the PDM best-practice.


We are creating some new PDM Templates (for ECO’s, Projects, Specifications, Work-Orders, etc.) and I was wondering what the best way to handle the folder permissions structure would be?


For example, let’s consider a simple “New Engineering Project” PDM Template.  Say this template creates a folder structure like the following for each new project (named Project-##):


Vault Root




---CAD Data


---Project Info


---CAD Data


---Project Info



Let’s consider only the “Engineering” user group, who have the Vault Root folder permissions of “Show Working Versions” & “Read File Contents”.  Therefore, all sub-folders should be inheriting those two permissions.


My question is, that if in the “New Project” template, I modify the inherited permissions of the CAD Data, Specifications, and Project Info folders in the template to include other explicitly defined permissions (let’s say Add or Rename Folder, Check Out File, Delete File, Delete Folder, Move File, and Move Folder), will this eventually cause me problems?  To me, this means that if down the road in say a year, I look at the Engineering Group folder permissions under “Assigned Folder Permissions” I will likely see hundreds of entries for each project that gets created in that amount of time.  I also know this will continue to grow and grow over time… Not to mention the other user groups who get assigned some other subset explicit permissions for those folders as well….  So, am I asking for trouble doing things this way?


I wanted to do things this way so that I can always keep a well-defined consistent folder structure, with files that are always located in a consistent place.  This template method seems to be the answer to what we want to do going forward, I just don't know if having hundreds or even potentially thousands of explicit permissions defined for all the different user groups will eventually get too crazy to manage effectively? 


We also want to use PDM Templates to build a lot of the files we use and check them in initially.  This would include documents like Engineering Specifications, Technical Literature, Instructions, ECO’s, ECR’s, SolidWorks CAD Data, etc.…  This method seems to be the easiest way to control where things are put all of the time, and it’s just a matter of getting our users acclimated to utilizing the PDM Templates we set up.


I’d like to hear any thoughts from the experts out there about this, as well as any suggestions to make this process easier/better/more robust...


Thanks in advance!