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    Copying and Accessing Archive Vault Files

    Donald Radmanovich

      If the SW files in the archive vault were copied without the SQL database and archive server settings for the vault in which they were created, can they be opened and used, specifically on a machine that isn't a part of the company PDM system? Is there a way to protect the archive vault folder that contains the SW files so that if the folder is copied without permission the contents cannot be accessed? Or is this automatically built in to the archive vault folder and files? Thanks.

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          Jonathan Westcott

          Hi Donald,


          If the files were copied outside the PDM environment they would be usable yes. The PDM environment is basically a layer on top to control the workflow, revisions etc. You may for example what to do this if you were transferring data to a manufacturer or in the case of handing over CAD to a client. Any document that leaves the environment is obviously no longer under control though.


          The archive vault folder on an end client machine (known as a vault view) reflects/mirrors the vault on the server (or the part of the vault on the server that a user is allowed to access). It can be password protected either using a SolidWorks PDM user account and password or set up to use Windows authentication.


          Access to specific folders/files can be granted/denied on a user or group level. Access can also granted/denied using administrative level privileges.


          Is this what you are after?