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Weird result in simulation express

Question asked by Rich Masel on Jul 27, 2018
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I am using simulation express in solidworks professional 2018 SP3.  I am doing a simulation of deflections in a part that I need to brace.  The part is symmetric but the simulation gives asymmetric results.  (i.e. large displacements along one axis, small displacements along another equivalent axis).   I talked to a support person in teh company that sold me the software and he ran the same simulation with the same parameters in simulation and got a reasonable result.    How do I get simulationexpress to get the same result as simulation.


Here is a screenshot of the  setup - this is a fixed plate with some holes.  All four corners are the same


I fixed a point at the center of the part and applied pressure at bolt holes.



Here is the result



Notice that the projected displacement is different in the corners even though the corners are equivalent in the model.


Mesh parameters 6 mm and 0.3 mm.

Part size 457x508 mm

Solidworks 2018 SP3


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