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    what I miss in visualize

    Damir Galic

      I miss:

      1. gravity snap, snap to object plane.

      2. Align and center camera to object axis so Y axis of the object is right in the middle (important because of perspective view)


      anything else?

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          Kevin Schlaepfer

          1. Tessalation control for displacement maps

          2. Memory issue with graphic card because of complexity (Denoiser turns off)

          3. Integration of Unity or interface to Unity for real time VR and AR

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            Rich Fagioli
            • Simple cut & paste of a part or group. How hard could that be?
            • Basic parts mating. Do I really need a SW seat for this simple process?
            • Pressing space bar (and left-click hold) to move view. Sooooo tired of my menu disappearing unexpectedly.
            • Adjustment of bump map depth that doesn't turn my part into a Sci-Fi monster.
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              Damir Galic

              - cylindric texture should do cylindrical texture relative to selected face on the *whole body* or group of faces. Meaning it should warp texture around. Even solidworks can't do that, but something like that on the left. There should be also an option to keep same scale of texture throughout diameter - but should blend on seam or seamless but rescale on smaller diameter to keep it seamless. Example: turned axis where you can see lines from the cutting tool - you don't want to dissect all planes and make them radial, so this thing should do it automatically for the whole body.



              - another option should be to warp texture to selected reference - 1 line or 2 lines where it picks averaged middle line. (assuming you got spiral with weld and weld texture on it you might want to be able to make spiralled texture instead of doing that in SW). Or brushed surface that goes along the spiral - typical example.


              - fit width or height like in solidworks would be nice too. Instead of guessing width to fit a weld texture on a plane...


              - Volumetric textures.

              3-5 Volumetric Textures - 3D Geometric Modeling | Coursera

              Top video looks interesting. Maybe a bit complicated to be incorporated into visualize. For starters some premade seamless volumetric textures that you can attach to a body (mostly wood textures). I am not sure what kind of results it would produce in means of detail, but hopefuly good.


              - shadow control: if you got a simple object with transparent backgroud and shadows on you might want to be able to control how far the shadows go. Maybe shadow outline that you can move with mouse cursor which would then blur the shadow away or just move the hdr lights. That's important because you don't want to have cropped shadows of your renders. That would eliminate need for photoshop shadow bluring if shadows go way over frame area. What would be even cooler is if it was possible to move lights from hdr background by moving how shadow falls or just by moving light that reflects on outer surface by clicking on outer surface of an object where light is reflected into camera (I think some other program has this option).

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                Marcel De Klein

                Particle systems or a fluid solver: I'd like to animate water, sand or other kind of bulk falling and filling up a container, for example.

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                  Rich Fagioli

                  The goals of Visualize users are different than the goals of of SW users. Whereas the engineers use SW to build, us graphics people use Visualize to sell. To that end, we need tools that quickly and reliably generate realism; here's one whose absence constantly frustrates me:


                  • Mapping a bump over a corner radius: Every manufactured part that I've ever rendered that calls for a powder-coated, zinc-plated, scruffy looking, raised texture, ends up looking "off" and "weird" when the corner radius is forced to disappear. Maybe that's OK when you're rendering a Lamborghini, but it's a serious limitation for rendering an entire industry's worth of machined and fabricated parts.

                    I can get around this issue by asking the engineers to build in a corner radius into their design, but that means creating a duplicate part exclusively for the graphics department, which any sane engineer is loathe to do.

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                    Ryan Navarro

                    Two things I would really like to see:


                    1) Ability to specify SOLIDWORKS configuration on open, and maintain references to separate SOLIDWORKS configurations for updates


                    Maybe also an option to batch import all configs into respective model sets in Visualize Pro.


                    2) Ability to "copy transformations" applied to different parts such as scale/rotation/translation


                    Very common to be moving components around and then realize you "missed one". Even if I could retroactively move a part into a group and have the same transformations that were applied to the group carry over to the lagging  part that would work.

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                      Damir Galic

                      Integrate "effects" into visualize. Such as water droplet generator, waves generator for water, grain generator (conical pile of grain), grain dropplets, grain mixed with water free fall flow... By that I mean to generate real 3D objects and not just texture.

                      Assuming you got some sprinkler and you want to generate water blowing out from the surface... would be nice to click source surface and "up to" surfaces or bodies or just up to next body.



                      What would be even cooler in the next stage is if all this could be animated, including water dropplet colision and bouncing, water flowing on the surface...

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                        Jeffrey Model

                        How about an interface layout that doesn't change every time you finish a render?