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Publishing Whole Projects to eDrawings

Question asked by Jason Schultz on Jul 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 30, 2018 by Jason Schultz

We have been wrestling with the measurement feature in eDrawings 2018 for a while.  We know that in order to enable measuring in eDrawings standard, the original assembly must be published to edrawings and then saved while checking the "Enable Measurement" option.  The problem has become how time consuming this is for our designers.


We design and build custom machinery. When a project reaches the build phase, our builders use eDrawings to take measurements on parts and assemblies.  With 2018 however, the measurement tool is disabled on all files by default.  We need a way to enable measurements on all parts and assemblies of a project so we don't have to open each file one by one and publish them with measurements enabled.


Is there a way to do something like a pack n go, but instead save them as eDrawing files?