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How do you create a draft that goes from one surface to the next?

Question asked by Michael Abramson on Jul 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2018 by Michael Abramson

Hello, I'm currently trying to create a design in solidworks that drafts from the sketch surface to another surface. To explain with pictures... I'd like to extrude the half circle sketch from its current point to extrude entirely from S1 to S2. Draft surfaces.PNGThis will allow me to maintain the same outer geometry I need without removing material and changing the outer dimensions as well as creating a more streamlined look. I want to maintain the same look in this second image but from S1 to S2.  Draft surfaces 2.PNG One idea I had was to extrude a more boxy finished product and then try to smooth things out using fillets or drafts but it would just change the outer geometry to no longer meet the dimensions I had intended. Is what I am looking to do possible or is there another option I could do such as extruding a half circle design and then creating a linear pattern that grows in size with an incredibly large number of instances in order to have a merged a seemingly smooth surface along the pattern?