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Center of Gravity Feature causes display issue

Question asked by Samuel Chambers on Jul 26, 2018

After cg.jpgAfter going into mass properties and creating a center of gravity feature, my assembly goes from a completely normal display to what you see in the picture. This has happened before (see previous post Weird transparency view ) and I was not able to solve it. As a work around I re-assembled the assembly in a new file. Now in the new assembly, it has happened again.


At the time of the first post I had a cg feature for many months with no problem so I had no reason to think they were related. But now I create the cg feature, the assembly rebuilds, and then the display issue arises. I have avoided saving the assembly with the issue so I can close it, reopen it, and everything is fine. But again if I create a cg feature it breaks.


If anyone has seen anything like this before, or has any ideas on how to fix it, i could really use some help. It is important for the design to know the cg and I would prefer to not have to avoid using the cg feature because of this weird issue.