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Suppress features during DXF export?

Question asked by Gareth McCullagh on Jul 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2018 by Greg H.

I have an issue with DXF exporting from sheet metal parts. We create a lot of heavy parts that need to be butt welded together when assembling. We sub-contract all our profiling (plamsa/laser) and then finish the parts in house (chamfering, counter-sinks, tapping etc) before going into our fabrication assembly shop.

Say for a 25mm plate:

We need to add edge chamfers on this part to butt weld it to another 25mm part. These chamfers are physically added after we have purchased the profiled part.

The issue i have is that when these parts are saved to DXF automatically by our PDM system - the chamfer lines are exported as well.


I am looking for a way to ensure that the DXF export is only the outline of the part and any edge features are excluded. We still need holes, bend lines etc to be exported and i am happy we have this mapped correctly with the mapping tool.


The only fix i can see is to create a configuration where these features are suppressed and then manually save the DXF from this, but when creating thousands of parts per year it is a lot of time lost. It also doesn't work well with our PDM which will automatically update DXF files for sheet metal parts every time the part is saved, and no designer is given the DXF/DWG cleanup window.


Any possible solutions would be appreciated.