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Appearance doesn't appear in DisplayManager, but can be copied

Question asked by Mark Williams on Jul 26, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2018 by John Stoltzfus

I was wondering if anyone has seen this issue before or might know what is going on. This is an issue that I haven't been able to replicate, it only occurs in an assembly that I didn't create but have to edit. I'm running SW 2017 SP1.0. So one of the parts in this assembly clearly has an appearance applied to it at the assembly level as based on the mismatch between the standalone part appearance, its appearance in the assembly and the appearances menu drop down from right-clicking on the part in the assembly:


This appearance does not appear in the DisplayManager (color<4> is applied to a different part):


However, I can copy the appearance of this part to its mirror. After copying and pasting this appearance, the copy appearance is removed if I open a drawing of the assembly, but not if I open the assembly first.

1. Create a drawing from the assembly

2. Copy and paste appearance in the assembly (at the assembly level)

3. Save both and close both the assembly and drawing

4. Open the drawing--the pasted appearance is deleted from the assembly.

5. If I open the assembly file first, before opening the drawing, then the copied appearance remain the same.


As an example, the first screen shot of the DisplayManager below is the list of appearances before saving and closing the assembly and drawing. The second screenshot is the list of appearances after having opened the assembly from the drawing file (so drawing file opened first). Clearly opening the drawing file first removes 'color<5>'. Again, if I open the assembly file first then the DisplayManager shows the same appearances.



Thanks to anyone in advance that might offer some insight into this issue. I apologize that I can't upload the assembly/part files as this is work related.


On a side note: I just created this account and wasn't sure how to include an activation code as we utilize network licenses through SolidWorks NetWork License Manager--does anyone know offhand how to include an activation code in this case?