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Progress title bar is not displaying the percentage of convergence

Question asked by Wat Zeem on Jul 26, 2018
Latest reply on Aug 1, 2018 by Ryan Navarro

Hi guys i am new to solidworks Flow simulation,

I am performing natural convection, transient simulation in a closed enclosure, i understand that the progress bar shows the percentage of convergence happened, but in my case the solver has run 600 iterations but still my progress Barr is empty and no percentage and criterion is displayed. I have two heat source in closed enclosure, one volumetric and other surface heat source. i have made goals for both Maximum for Temperature.


Please help me with this guys, I have two questions on this.

- The progress percentage will be displayed automatically or is there option that i need to look in, to show the percentage coverged.

- The progress barr being empty means, my solution will not be converged and my inputs are wrong.


Any advice, suggestion will be very much appreciated. Have a nice day :-)