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Custom Property to be populated in Drawing sheet

Question asked by Md Sobug Mia on Jul 26, 2018
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I am a beginner of SolidWorks. I need help of expert and professional. I saw each of the members are very helpful here. So, I am here to get a help.

I have a part with different custom property. I added those custom property with “Property Tab Builder”. Let us think, one of the custom properties is “Drawing Number”.


Now, I want to show that custom property (“Drawing Number”) to be populated automatically in the title block of drawing sheet. For that, I have edited title block and linked the text to the custom property (“Drawing Number”) of the part. So, it works well.


Now, If I do not add any Value in the “Drawing Number” custom property of that part, that time I want to show the “Configuration name” to be populated at that place.


So, is there any way to do that. Is there any code can do that? Or any macro?


Something like a conditional statement………………………….


“if(“Drawing Number”= Value, Value, “Configuration name”)


I do not know anything of coding. Sorry for showing something like code.


So, what is the summery is that, whenever “Drawing Number” custom property is available for the part, then it will show that “Drawing Number” custom property in title block. If “Drawing Number” custom property is empty in part, then it will show Name of the configuration of the part.


Thank you for looking on my problem.



With best Regards