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    keep mate attachment

    Damir Galic


      is it possible to name faces, edges, vertices,... in that way that mates become bound to names? So if you change a part with the same named faces, edges, vertices,... that would reatach mates to them.


      Assuming you got a database with motoreducers downloaded from producers website and converted from .step. And instead of reataching the mates manually every time if it was possible that it was done automatically upon changing the part/assembly in assembly.

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          Sumit Rana

          Hi Damir,

          That's not possible because as per knowledge the mates don't recognize the face name they only knows the face ID which is generated by solidworks in the background.



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            Sachin Murigesh

            It is possible, but you will have to create reference geometries (planes, axes, points etc..) on part/sub assembly (faces, temporary exes, vertexes etc) and name them. when you replace the part in assembly it'll match named ref geometry from new part for mating.


            Below is what I've for illustration. I've 2 parts (part4 and part5) with 3 named ref geometries(note that the names match). I've mated part4 with an another part using these ref geometries in an assembly. When I replace the part4 with part5 SW will automatically match the ref geometries without any error for mating.



            if the name is changed/doesn't exist/it refers to different type of entity it'll throw error..


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              Sergio Monti

              Hi Damir,

              another option could be to create a subassembly "template" mated with plane. axes, etc. to the main assembly.

              You can put the new part in that subassembly. Save the subassembly "as copy" to a new name and when you replace the subassebly in the main assembly all the mates will be kept, as the reference IDs are the same.

              The only problem is that you have a subassembly with one part, but you can hide children on BOM and it will be treated as part.