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Setting up a layout with a decal

Question asked by Nete Jakobsen on Jul 26, 2018

Dear forum


I thought I was brilliant when I added a plate to my project, and added a png decal with a 2D layout. I expected it to be an easy way to add a layout to the floor/plate, where I then could build walls and place machines. But I cannot make my decal larger than 10.0000, which is far from the size I need. So that must be the max size for a decal?


Is there an easier way to create a base layout I can build from? Or do I really need to downscale everything? I am not experienced with SolidWorks, so building there would be a challenge.


I already have a Visualize project with a machine that is animated, so it would be nice if I did not have to start all over.


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