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Mate Cylinder to Angled Surface with Travel

Question asked by James Berry on Jul 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2018 by David Matula

Hi Guys. I attached my assembly in order to help acquire a possible solution. My issue is Mating my punch act to my 90 ste form slide. I have a limit distance mate on the punch for up and down travel , i also have a limit distance mate on my form slide for in and out travel. The round carbide rod in my punch will ride on the slope of the slide for activation of a station in my current tool. The carbide rod will ride down the length of the slope and then some past it, along the vertical surface, to acquire what we call dwell. I dont know if this is possible or not but everything i have tried to this point has failed. If i add a tangent mate from my rod to the slope both the punch and slide move like i want. The problem is , if ya look at my minimum distance in my limit distance mate for the punch , the punch is not traveling is full distance down. I understand it is due to the tangent mate. Is there anyway , using mates , that i can get that punch to travel its full distance (up and down) while still moving my slide to its limit distance mate min and max numbers ?90set form.JPG