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    Simulation express on a weldment

    Kevin Andrews

      I have created a weldment and need to run a static simulation on this unit. Unfortunately, I only have Simulation Express which will not allow me to run a simulation on the whole weldment.

      I tried to run the simulation from my coworker's computer - who has the full blown sim package (he was here before me), but he doesn't have the weldment shapes loaded on his computer.

      Is there a way that I can run a simulation on this assembly from my machine?

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          James Riddell

          Can you export (save-as) the model to somewhere it can be read by the other machine?  Maybe 'pack and go'?  You could also zip the directory you have all your files in for the model and transfer that to the other PC and unzip it, then run the study.  It should take everything you need along with the file I would think.

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            Taylor Duran

            Is the file your running a static simulation on a part file used ? or a number of different parts thrown into an assembly that will end up being welded?


            Copy the file of your weldment profiles to a shared drive and then have your coworker add the file location for Weldment Profiles under system options on his machine. If the model (and its child components if an assembly) is/are in a shared location he should be able to open it and run the simulation you need