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    Anyone using an Elgato Stream Deck?

    Ben Langdon

      I got one when it was prime day for only $100 and i am finding it amazing setting hotkeys and actions and have it write text and it is pretty awesome that you can set an icon to each key. i really think elgato has something really good for something other than gaming. put that thing with a 3d mouse behind it and you have so many buttons.


      anyone find anything cool about it that you would like to share?

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          Eric Wicklund

          How do you like it? still loving it? i was thinking about getting one for solidworks as well, are you able to share any pictures or videos of you using it?



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            Rubén Rodolfo Balderrama

            Did you use it on Solidworks? Show Us something....

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              Mike Agan

              Looks like the function keyboard from legacy 2D CAD systems (CADAM, others).

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                Frederick Law

                I do wonder if I need something like that.

                A keypad around the 3D mouse.

                Its a good arduino project.

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                  Ben Langdon

                  ya so after some time using it i love it. got 2 guys in my office to get one because they write and do a lot of repetitive tasks. when you pair this thing with autohotkey to do some cool stuff and then just put a shortcut that would be annoying to execute you can just tell the stream deck to press that command and your done. but working with solidworks has really improved my work flow. i'll show you guys what i'm working with right now


                  This is my home screen


                  so what i have from left to right, top to  bottom. sets image and light settings macro i made to highest quality. sets drawing views to high quality macro. macro for dynamic highlight (makes it in drawing so that the line will highlight when mouse moves over it). folder with two other things in it.



                  this first one is things i need to do and write in most of the drawings i do.



                  Then the next one in that folder is for drawing file names (a lot of our file names are just terribly named)




                  a lot of the keys in these two folders just write stuff and on the second one i just have a few writting ones and then i actually just the enter key and space (labeled) so that i could keep my hand only on this screen and not have to switch to my keyboard.


                  then the last key is an on off swich that i set the first command to print and then i set it again and it presses enter.


                  next row. the 3 first are folders containing macros to change the drawing view.






                  and then the last one opens the snipping program.



                  then on the 3rd row, i have it write my name (i have to write my name on a lot of stuff)

                  next one that looks like someone jogging is a macro to turn off jogging of a dimension in ordinate dimensions (this will prob move to a sub folder later, but right now i use it a lot in this batch of drawings. the next one is copy and the one after that is past ( i had a joke with apples and oranges and i don't remember it but it)


                  ya i got to give much thanks for @Deepak Gupta for helping me with a lot of the macros that make my life quite a bit easier.


                  so, ya i love the thing, desk is kinda getting crowded with the stream deck, 3d mouse pro, mouse and full size keyboard but i love the setup

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                      Ben Langdon

                      o and just to add. yes some of the buttons seem odd to have. like print and then enter. it saves time and click, technically it saves 1 click as ctrl p and then enter is 3 clicks and you have to find the keys each time. so while it seems odd, its faster and the less strokes you have to do is better.


                      for instance the copy/past buttons as well. it gets me away from using my keyboard and i have the stream deck right next to my 3d mouse and it make it easier as i don't have a copy/past command set up with the 3d mouse. because the 3d mouse has a profile for every program it is a little annoying to have a key always be used in every program as you have to manually change it for each program. with the stream deck it just works in what ever program and i am saving a click.


                      saving a click or a couple clicks is all what this things is about.

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                          Ben Langdon

                          to add to my posts, we now have 5 of these things in the office. two for our sales guys, 1 for me, and two for my boss. i don't get why he uses two, but he is quite old and i have no idea how with putting things in folders you would need two of these unless you are really really fast at your job and doing a lot of the same stuff that you don't even want to change the screens.


                          but i think the reason why he has two is that he wants to have more than anyone else to seem more important.