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Concentric Lock "Rotation is already locked..."

Question asked by Rebecca Bennett on Jul 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by Dennis Bacon

Notification stating "Rotation is already locked for all concentric mates" (pictured below) when attempting to lock a concentric mate.

However, the bolt still spins and the model is listed as undefined, so this is quite the misnomer.


In the case of the below image, I applied a concentric mate to the shaft of the bolt and the slot sketch point.

Then a coincident mate from under bolt head to the top of the plate.

Finally, when I attempt to lock the concentric mate rotation, this notification will come up, and I end up doing it the old way and applying a parallel mate.


I couldn't find any posts mentioning it, so here it is.  The concentric mate lock does not appear to readily work in all applications.


Concentric Lock on Slotted Holes.png