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The parameter is incorrect for threading, or cannot select the checkmark.

Question asked by Marc Raby on Jul 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2020 by James Ortíz

I have had this issue in several part files which I am trying to add standard threads in (1/4-28 for instance). I typically use cut-threads on my assembly instead of extruded threads because I cut into a lead-in chamfer, but whenever I go to add the threads, depending on what I select for parameters, it will either say "The parameter is incorrect", or it will not give the warning and then nothing happens when I go to select the check mark. I am using the standard thread profiles in the Program data for Solidworks 2017.


I created a simple geometry to test this out. With a simple cylinder, I cannot cut threads just selecting the cylindrical edge (minor diameter are correct, inch-tap or inch-die doesn't make a difference). The same error occurs if I try to extrude threads off the major diameter. As another note, after "The parameter is incorrect" error occurs, the green checkmark does not work. It won't give the parameter error anymore, but if I modify the edges/type/size to try again, nothing will happen when I select the green check.





Thank you