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SolidworksCam 2018 toolpath generation

Question asked by Paul Dejong on Jul 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 25, 2018 by Michael Buchli

When trying to create toolpaths in SolidworksCam using Automatic Feature Recognition there are instances where collisions happen.

If a perimeter boss or contour is being used and the side wall of the part is longer than the flute length or even the tool protrusion from the holder, a collision will occur. It is possible to set a tool protrusion and flute length for each tool however, this information doesn't seem to be used when generating toolpaths. In the technology database there are two options for Operation Depth Criteria or controlling how deep the tool reaches:

1) An expression - which bases the depth on the feature itself adjusted by some constant or factor. This helps but for automating the programming it is not preferred to have to adjust the tech database each time the feature is to long. Furthermore, different tools have different lengths so a contour might work for a 1/2" endmill but not a 1/4" endmill.

2) Using a constant - which is similar and less useful then the first option.


Long story long, I would like to have the toolpaths be generated in regards to the flute length and protrusion from the holder. It seems as though there should be an option that the toolpath be modified or restricted to the lengths that are input. If the side wall is to long the tool will reach as far as it can in the first operation and then the part will have to be flipped upside down and finished in a second operation from the opposite side. In Solidworks terms there will need to be a second mill part setup to finish the contour from the opposite side.