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Export assembly to .SAT and import into Revit

Question asked by Luciano Capitomboli on Jul 25, 2018
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2019 by Sujan S.

Hi everyone

I'm facing some problem when trying to import from Solidwoks to Revit. The situation is as follows:


I have a file assembly of a mechanical equipment that i want to export into a Revit family.

Firstly I saved the ASSEMBLY file onto a new PART file.

Then I exported the assembly into ACIS using the .SAT version 7. To do so, I used tools/export to AEC.

After the defeaturing I saved the ACIS file.


I then imported this ACIS with Revit but all I see is some parts only of the geometry. And the elements are now binded into a single object.


Does anyone knows if there is a procedure or some setting to do in order to have the whole geometry imported and leave the elements indipendent separated?