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Dimensioning weird numbers

Question asked by Dean Baragar on Jul 24, 2018
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2018 by Frederick Law

We have been getting complaints from the production shop regarding weird numbers (ex. 4.804"), where they need to round for their measuring tape to 4-13/16".  However, we have discussed this internally and not wanted to lose the accuracy of the exact number, since in some cases such as mating parts, 1/16" tolerance + up to 1/32" rounding will make parts not fit together.  We were thinking of switching to dual dimensions, but most dimensions are actually "easy" numbers (ie. 4.000), so they are not required in these cases.  Overriding dimensions is not ideal, since they will not update, and can be missed on revisions.  Going through all parts and making them actual even numbers is not feasible.  A common component could be a saw part cut at 4-13/16" with a 12 gauge piece at each end, totalling 5.0217, or we could shorten the saw part to 4.7908 to get a welded dimension of 5.000, which just moves the problem.  Also, for saw parts, it is almost always required to round down to the nearest 1/16, so 4.7908 would be cut at 4-3/4", but SW would auto-round it to 4-13/16".

  Does anyone else deal with these problems?  Any suggestions?