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swAppNonNativeFileOpenNotify event is not getting triggered

Question asked by Sacchin Hd on Jul 25, 2018


I am using SolidWorks Premium 2018 x64 SP 2.0 edition.

These events are not getting triggered for non native file format ( stp, igs and catpart)

  • swAppNonNativeFileOpenNotify
  • swAppBeginTranslationNotify
  • swAppEndTranslationNotify


Both swImportAutoRunImportDiagnosticsPersist  and swImportAutoRunImportDiagnostics are set to True, also SetUserPreferenceToggle is returning True.

These events used to get triggered for 2017 version of SolidWorks. Is there any change in the API for these events that I am not aware ?