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How to get a part's Item Number in a View?

Question asked by Matt Peneguy on Jul 25, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2018 by Artem Taturevych

So, here's the TL:DR: I need the part Item Number from the BOM in a View Title for that part.  I have many parts.  So, I want to do this with a macro.


Here's the long story: I have long BOMs and it would be very handy to have an automatic way of adding that "linked" number to the views for each of these parts.  I figured out a way to manually do this, but it is very time and labor intensive.  I am not looking for a complete solution, just some guidance.  I have kludged macros together before, but I'm stuck on how to grab the part in the view and extract the Item Number from the BOM for that part in the view. 

I really thought this was something that should be implemented as an option within SW, and submitted an ER stating the following:

When dealing with parts or items in a cut list or BOM the item number should be displayed

next to or under the part in the drawing.  However item numbers not available in the same

manner as custom properties.  The new ability in 2017 doesn't solve this problem.

If the BOM or Cut List has many parts it is very difficult to identify where the part is in the

BOM, especially if the BOM spans multiple sheets.

However, nothing came of it.  The ER was marked closed and nothing was done with it.  So, I'm asking y'all for help.