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Stress Strain curve for Plasticity Von Mises Model

Question asked by Peter Dratwa on Jul 24, 2018


I need your help regarding Plasticity model. I hope some one can clarify my doubts. So here goes the problem. I have my own material model from AISI 301 1/2. Which i found out from material tension test. SS curve is shown bellow. As said in Solidworks, First point is Yield Point. Because as per i know remaining data is calculated by simulator itself (Like Youngs modulus and Tangent modulus). Its true stress and true strain.

But when i looked the material model from Materiality (Solidwork material web portal) I found the same  curve for AISI 301 1/2 as  bellow,  As we can see the first point is not Yield Point.

Can anyone explain, how should be the SS curve ? While when i run the simulation with my material model, there is error some times and when i used SS curve from materiality then simulation runs without error. Is that mean, SS curve should be like materiality ?

Thanks in advance.