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    Added view to hole table

    Bryan Obermeyer

      I have an existing hole table that currently has surfaces collected from 3 views. I am adding another view. Is there a way to add an additional view to a hole table without deleting the table and regenerating a new one?

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          Kevin Chandler



          Can you share some screen shots and workflow?

          When I click the Hole Table's Edit Feature, it doesn't allow me to select holes from another view.





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              Bryan Obermeyer

              That is precisely my question. When I 1st create the hole table I Can use multiple view. However I am changing the drawing by adding another view (with hole on another surface) but I cannot find a way to add holes from another view.

              This is what I get when 1st creating the table:


              When adding a new view I don't get the option to add a view....

              I suppose I can recreate the table but I thought there might be a way to edit the existing.