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    Can't create solidbody from surface

    Harris Ryder



      I am trying to learn surfacing.

      I have created a bunch of enclosed surfaces and they will knit with a 0.025mm gap but won't create a solidbody. I don't know why - looking at other posts im guessing its because of the point corners the surfaces end at? How do I get around this?


      Part is attached.



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          Kieran Young

          If you look in sketch 10 used for surface-plane 2 you will see that one of the lines you have converted has not worked correctly.


          If you remove surface plane 2 you can use fill surface to close off that side using the edges of the surfaces you have. This will then let you knit and create solid.


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            Michael Lord

            My advice when using Surfaces is to not try and connect the edges, when you are going to make an enclosed shape.

            Use Planes and 2D sketches where you can and not 3D sketch (along with fully defining your sketches, even if you are just practicing. Practice make permanent)

            Knit as you go.  Makes it easier instead of trying to find issues at the end

            Mutual Trim ensures Surface join


            The Delete & Fill feature takes an enclosed Surface entities and turns it into a Solid