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Trimming a Weld Caterpillar

Question asked by Joe Tonkin on Jul 23, 2018
Latest reply on Apr 13, 2019 by Keith Donaldson

I am trying to create a weld caterpillar. I have selected a circular edge and the caterpillar wraps all the way around. However, I would like to trim the caterpillar such that it only falls between the two vertical edges of the mating part. Please see the attached JPG file for reference.

It selecting the two vertical edges won't work because they don't actually intersect the circular edge thst the caterpillar is on. And the trim doesn't recognize sketched lines.

I've tried mucking about with the various options in the Caterpillar properties window- Full Length, Partial Length, Continuous, Intermittent.  In the intermittent settings, I could cheat & adjust the pitch (~6.5") & length (1.25") to act like it was the correct length to fill in, but I couldn't rotate it to fall between the lines.

The weld end treatments are hatches bounded by sketched lines. I couldn't get the end treatment tool to work properly.


Any help would be greatly appreciated