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    Stress Strain curve

    Peter Dratwa

      Hi all.

      I am doing simulation with Nonlinear Von Mises material model. Stress Strain curve is found out with tension test experiment. The material is AISI301 3/4 H. As said in solidworks, The first point is yield point and true stress and true strain. But when i run simulation, i got following error.

      For Plasticity models, raise: ETAN > Ex/100

      I just want to know wether this error is due stress strain curve.

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          Mohamed El Orche

          Hi Peter,


          Sounds like an issue with the non-linear material properties!

          I assume you're using small strain but small/large displacements? Is there any non-linear contact?

          Please check S-018849 in the Knowledge base to make sure you are using the right stress/strain curve.

          Feel free to upload your simulation study so we can have a closer look at your simulation settings.



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              Peter Dratwa


              No i have large strain large displacement. i have only one contact with friction with 0,1 Coefficient of friction. i have my own material model and SS curve is above in the post. here is the model.

              but when i used the materiality model it works without error. Materiality model is as shown below.


              And the its makes more complicated because the first point is not Yield point. Which is correct one to to describe the Von Mises criteria ? In solidworks they have mentioned as first point should be Yield point.