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Add PDM menu options to right button in api?

Question asked by Eric Snyder on Jul 21, 2018



When using Windows Explorer and PDM I can right button click and have menu options that are PDM specific like ":Check out file", "Check in file", etc.

Is there a way to use those in an app using the API? I can't find it.


I don't have ePDM so I can't use the API to check out a file. When I need the program I am writing to do some changes to a file the file need to be checked out. What I want to do is give the user a prompt that has the filename and allow them to check it out manually before the app proceeds with the changes. I can do that by showing the OpenFileDialog. The user can check the file out but it is confusing because of the "Open" and "Cancel" buttons.


Looking for a better way.