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Help! PDM Update references 'Find File' wont return any files containing square brackets [ ]

Question asked by Matt Davey on Jul 22, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2018 by Matt Davey

Please help - I am in the middle of bringing our Workgroup PDM project files over to PDM Professional vault.


I have moved all the standard library items into a separate folder structure within the vault, and am using the 'update references', 'find files' tool to re-make the links with the main project files. It works well on the most part, but won't repair the references for any file that contains a square bracket.

I have noticed most other special characters such a (circular brackets), or # cause no such problem. See example screen shot attached where only files NOT containing square brackets were found successfully.


Why square brackets Solidworks!? Is there anyway around this please folks? Our library uses these characters regularly around part numbers and supplier names etc. so at the moment we are stuck.....