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How do I create custom properties from "SW-File Name" string?

Question asked by Noah Jackowitz on Jul 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 21, 2018 by Noah Jackowitz

I am currently naming my files with the part number and revision:

...and separately populating my custom properties with the same info:

I'd like the custom properties to populate automatically by modifying the "SW-File Name" string, the part number being the file name up to the first 'space' character and the revision being the last character of the string. Is there some easy way to do this without writing a macro?


So far my best idea is to assign a macro to the "Ctrl+S" key combo that asks me to enter the part number and revision if the document has not been saved yet, then saves it to both the custom properties and the file name, but I am not familiar with the macro language and would prefer not to use one unless it's necessary.