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Question asked by J. P. on Jul 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 20, 2018 by David Matula

Hi Guys,


I wonder if there is a quicker and easier way of producing a project drawing file and BOM than that I am doing.


I am producing larger and larger project drawing files at the moment (weldment bicycle shelters, bus shelters etc) and its getting a little hard to control.

Usually a project file of 30 pages are produced and manageable but recent drawing files have been upwards of 100 pages.


Here is my usual workflow.


1. Create weldment structure

2. Create Assy with components (ie brackets and bought in features)

3. Create detailed individual drawing files from the above assembly


The first page has the full assembly with BOM links to the other pages for the sub assemblies.


I wonder if this is the standard workflow and if there is a quicker/better way of controlling the drawings especially quantity amounts.

My main problem is that I want links of quantities/ dimensions to reflect from the first sheet to the others.


Basically is there a way to link dimensions/quantities to reflect on the other sheets?


If there is any other input, it is greatly appreciated.