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    3D streaming - viewing

    Sacha Kep

      Hello, Requesting help with a reading resource to understand different types of 3D viewers. Especially how 3D streaming works.


      Have few 3D objects created in solidworks for the workshop at workplace  and was trying to figure out a universal viewer especially for low end drawing. Is it possible to stream solidworks objects so that it can be viewed as HTML4 content.

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          Wayne Schafer

          Solidworks Composer may be your answer.

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            Amen Allah Jlili

            It is technically possible. But it is going to involve having SOLIDWORKS installed somwhere in your data supply chain. Here is the backstory: The SOLIDWORKS file formats are proprietary innovations of the SOLIDWORKS corportation. It is impossible to read SOLIDWORKS part geometry for example without SOLIDWORKS. Let me backup. It is possible but you are going to make some people angry. The interop dlls you use with the SOLIDWORKS API are merely dancing with the core SOLIDWORKS libraries that are doing the real work.


            The SOLIDWORKS API exposes the capability of geometry tessellation. The information drawn from this such the facets and their normals are than enough for you to re-use and re-create using ThreeJS, a JavaScript framework for rendering 3D content in the browser using the underlying webgl technology.



            There are other options on the table too. Just use Edrawings or Composer...






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              Simon Turner

              You could just export the files in a format that is viewable externally. E.g. STL