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Split a part into 2 (or more) files (Unable to use split function for this)

Question asked by Colin Ng on Jul 20, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 23, 2018 by Neville Williams

Hi All,


I've been trying to split my part file into 2 parts and then assemble them back together as an assembly (the reason for this being that I need separate .stl files to print in multiple materials).


For the uploaded file, the split function would split my part into 5 separate parts instead of what I want (and have done), which is to have 3 of the sections in one file and 2 of the sections in the other.

What I've done is to use an extruded cut to remove material, then flip the cut and save it as another file, then assemble the 2 together.


It works, but any small changes would then involve multiple steps to implement, and it would be even more complicated if I wanted to do it in 3 parts if I wanted to print in 3 materials. I'm hoping someone here would be able to recommend a more elegant solution to this?