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How are you doing your handrails?

Question asked by Kyle Taylor on Jul 19, 2018
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2018 by Kyle Taylor

I'm curious what everyone does to get their handrail cut lists to be accurate. I found the most accurate way to get your lengths is to have your sketch lines off center of the pipe it's being coped to. I personally use 5/8" off center for 1 1/2" pipe for a 5/16" cope on hand rail. I've played around with just using the weld gap feature and found that .187 gap produces the exact same length as 5/8" off center which is very convenient and must faster to draw. This works great until your rail is no longer perpendicular to your vertical posts like on a staircase. Cut length comes out great but all cut angles disappear do to the weldment no longer having a surface to get it's angle from and that's no good for the fab guys. I'd like to see what you guys do and if anyone has come up with any other methods that keep the cut list happy