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BOM listing custom property name based on boolean value

Question asked by Nicholas Haliscak on Jul 19, 2018

I want to generate BOMs with only specific types of parts, such as for weldments, connecting hardware, subassemblies, etc. To do so, I've created custom properties for each of the types I want to sort by, giving them boolean "yes/no" values. My idea is, if a part has a "yes" under one or more of those values (weldments and connecting hardware, for example), it would print the names of the properties in the appropriate column on the BOM. I know I will need to write a VB macro to make it work for a full BOM, much less BOMs focused on the part types, but am unsure as to how to call SolidWorks custom properties from the Excel BOM template I'm creating. In short, how do I call SolidWorks custom properties from Excel? Otherwise, is there a better way to do what I'm attempting?


Thanks in advance.