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Question asked by Collin Smyth on Jul 19, 2018
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Hello All,


For the past few days when I go to make a drawing in SW, the projected view won't work correctly. When you drag in the part from the right side of the screen to create a parent view, it should then automatically begin doing a projected view from the parent view. As of late, the projected view is not coming on automatically. When I go and click on projected view manually, it turns itself off after I put down the first projected view, so I have to turn it on again each time for each new projected view.


I have no idea what could be wrong with this, I wouldn't think this is a setting because I rarely go into the settings, and not at all within the past week, unless of course there is some way that I accidentally did a CTRL+ function that might have messed something up. Unlikely, but I suppose possible. I close and restart SW several times a day and usually restart my computer once a day, so that's been tried.


Any ideas would be great.