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Composer model is buzzering - surface issue?

Question asked by Jeroen Van Dooren on Jul 19, 2018



I have this problem with my solidworks composer where I try to import a greenhouse model.

Model is drawn in Solidworks 2018 en imported in Composer 2018.


With my previous model I didn't had any issues. But this model is buzzing on my screen.

Green highlights are constantly showing up and the model is extremely slow.



HP Zbook, 30Gb RAM, Quadro P3000 and SSD, win10


What I already tried:

- Unchecked "import free faces"

- Refinement lower precision

- Reduced complexity of double curved surfaces (made it a bit faster).

- Reinstall SW composer without antivirus on.

- update driver NVIDIA


This is a screencapture from what's happening:


Friendly regards,


Jeroen Van Dooren