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How to get the coordinates of the texture using SW API?

Question asked by Olexandra T. on Jul 19, 2018

Hi! I want to get texture from part (faces) in SW using SolidWorks API. In API Help I find methods GetTessTextures andIGetTessTextures. With this method i have an array with double values, U and V, for mapping texture. But when i apply this coordinates to part in another app, texture is very diffrent from SW(position and scale). Also i have scale values of texture (about 0,04) for face. So, when i apply texture coordinates to surface programmaticaly, what should i do to have it same as in the SW?

1. Work only with values from GetTessTextures method?

2. Also work with texture scale, like GetTessTextures.U*scale, GetTessTextures.V*scale?

3. Am i right when work with GetTessTextures to get texture coordinates or i should work with another method?

Thanks for any help.