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Pelton Turbine Drafting issues

Question asked by Moahammad Zehab on Jul 19, 2018

I'm trying to develop the 3D model of the Pelton Turbine using wireframe modelling in SolidWorks. I have used Surface loft and boundary surface to create the surface to the wireframe. The surface so far developed seems to be perfect.

My main aim is to develop the 3d model of the said turbine but while invoking the offset or thickness command to get the desired geometry some kind of gap starts to appear which doesn't let the command to execute.

Since the model of the Pelton, Turbine bucket is symmetric, I have created half portion of the model only. Attached herewith are the snapshots of the error being encountered while invoking the thickness/ offset command along with some pics how the model actually looks likepltn9.PNG