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Graphics of part Paints across my screen

Question asked by Brandon Lasota on Jul 18, 2018
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2018 by Alex Lachance

I've been having an issue over the past month and wondering if anyone else has seen it, and if so, found a solution. My SW re-seller is also working with me to solve this, but we've not been able to find a fix.


Be it a part, an assembly, big, or small, rarely(1x a week), my graphics will 'paint' across my screen when rotating my parts. Sometimes it's when you simply rotate a part, others it's only after you edit a feature(hole, chamfer, etc). Some notes below, followed by what I've tried, followed by a couple pictures.


- When you zoom so far out that you can no longer see the part, the painting will disappear. Zoom in far enough, and it will appear as it was before.

- If you drag the part out of the graphics window, the paintings will disappear. Bring the part back into view, and the painting reappears.

- My PC is not the only one having this issue. Out of 15 engineers, this has happened to about 7 including 2 conference room PCs.

- We are working through a network.

- We all have the latest service pack of 2018, some are on Windows 10, some are on Windows 7.

- This problem also occurred in 2017.

- People having this issue have virtually same PC build as those not having issue.

- There is no evidence of this happening in 2016.

- Quite a few years ago, 5-7, we heard a story of this happening only as your rotate, and when you stopped rotating, it would go away. Actual SW year and version unknown.
- Changing the view of the part from shaded to hidden lines or wireframe removes the painting and I'm able to work fine, but comes back when shading option is selected.




What I've Done:

- New video card driver

- New video card driver w/ complete wipe of old driver

- Restart PC

- Run solidworks alone, no background programs

- Attempt to repeat consistently

- Check large file vs small file

- Unplug spacemouse(Theory was video card could not keep up with simultaneous rotate, zoom, pan function of spacemouse)

- I have closed out all files and turned on OpenGL 1 time, and the issue went away. Turned off OpenGL and opened file and problem remained gone. However, sometimes, simply just closing and reopening a file will fix the issue.

- Simply worked on a PC for rest of day, come back to no issues.


If you'd like more information on anything above, please let me know. This problem seem to be slowly becoming more repetitive and it would be great to find a cause and solution to prevent it.