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    Graphics of part Paints across my screen

    Brandon Lasota

      I've been having an issue over the past month and wondering if anyone else has seen it, and if so, found a solution. My SW re-seller is also working with me to solve this, but we've not been able to find a fix.


      Be it a part, an assembly, big, or small, rarely(1x a week), my graphics will 'paint' across my screen when rotating my parts. Sometimes it's when you simply rotate a part, others it's only after you edit a feature(hole, chamfer, etc). Some notes below, followed by what I've tried, followed by a couple pictures.


      - When you zoom so far out that you can no longer see the part, the painting will disappear. Zoom in far enough, and it will appear as it was before.

      - If you drag the part out of the graphics window, the paintings will disappear. Bring the part back into view, and the painting reappears.

      - My PC is not the only one having this issue. Out of 15 engineers, this has happened to about 7 including 2 conference room PCs.

      - We are working through a network.

      - We all have the latest service pack of 2018, some are on Windows 10, some are on Windows 7.

      - This problem also occurred in 2017.

      - People having this issue have virtually same PC build as those not having issue.

      - There is no evidence of this happening in 2016.

      - Quite a few years ago, 5-7, we heard a story of this happening only as your rotate, and when you stopped rotating, it would go away. Actual SW year and version unknown.
      - Changing the view of the part from shaded to hidden lines or wireframe removes the painting and I'm able to work fine, but comes back when shading option is selected.




      What I've Done:

      - New video card driver

      - New video card driver w/ complete wipe of old driver

      - Restart PC

      - Run solidworks alone, no background programs

      - Attempt to repeat consistently

      - Check large file vs small file

      - Unplug spacemouse(Theory was video card could not keep up with simultaneous rotate, zoom, pan function of spacemouse)

      - I have closed out all files and turned on OpenGL 1 time, and the issue went away. Turned off OpenGL and opened file and problem remained gone. However, sometimes, simply just closing and reopening a file will fix the issue.

      - Simply worked on a PC for rest of day, come back to no issues.


      If you'd like more information on anything above, please let me know. This problem seem to be slowly becoming more repetitive and it would be great to find a cause and solution to prevent it.






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          Glenn Schroeder

          It sounds like you've done a lot to try to fix, or at least diagnose, the problem yourself, but I have a couple of thoughts.  However, I'm not promising they're worth what they cost.


          • Since you said you're working on a network, have you tried saving the files locally on your hard drive to see if the problem persists?
          • I know you've updated graphics card drivers, and they show current, but the fact that the behavior stops with Open GL turned on sure makes it sound like a graphics card issue.  Have you considered reverting to an older driver?
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              Brandon Lasota

              Oh yeah, this has been happening awhile and I've been through tons of hours of troubleshooting.


              While I have not tried working with files directly from hard drive, sometimes this problem will surface tomorrow, sometimes it could be 3 weeks before it comes back, but most times, at least once a week. I'm not sure I want to leave customer files on my PC without backing up for an extended period of time, especially since some of the files are rather large.


              I get what you're saying about the Open GL, just wouldn't make sense that a bunch of us would have a card crap out. Would seem like it should be isolated. I have run with a rolled back driver, and the issue did repeat. Sorry, forgot to include that in list.

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              Mike Lee

              Brandon, this looks like a nightmare!!

              The diagnostics looks good, all green there.

              What add-ins do you have installed and active? Are these add-ins common and active on the other PCs with issues?

              Stab in the dark here - try turning off all Add-Ins (active and start-up), restart and see if you can repeat the bug. If not (hopefully !!) then you can turn them on one at a time to see which is causing the problem - if any !!


              I hope this helps in some way.

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                  Brandon Lasota

                  We all run the same add-ins, which is:
                  Photoview 360, Motion, Toolbox, Toolbox Util, Cam, Forum, Composer, 3d control, and Questica ETO.


                  I could possibly try this sometime, but as I've said above, it could be weeks before this resurfaces, and I'm not sure I could setup a study that long without using these add-ins unfortunately.

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                      Alex Lachance

                      When the bug does occur, you can turn them off then and see if the bug still persists. No need to run 3 weeks with a special configuration.


                      Have you contacted your VAR about this? They are the ones best placed to assist you to diagnose the problem. I think you've documented fairly enough of the problem for them to take actions and escalate the problem to SolidWorks.


                      Here's a few stabs in the dark:


                      Do you listen to the radio online or some other streaming program such as Spotify? I doubt that could be the cause of the problem but I've read somewhere that it is not advised to work with streaming programs while working on servers.


                      Do you use any other programs outside of SolidWorks? Perhaps an E.R.P. system or something like that? Could it be when you use one of those program in conjunction with SolidWorks that the problem happens?


                      Have you noticed if the problem ever occured at the beginning of a new SolidWorks session? Could it be caused by an excess of cached memory?


                      Do you use a 3D mouse? There's a known bug that 3D mouses close the dynamic highlighting, perhaps they can cause more visual bugs?


                      I'd try turning off Instant3D too, perhaps it's bugging up trying to display the preview of the rotation?

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                          Brandon Lasota

                          Sorry for the delayed response. Work gets busy sometimes. The problem is still happening and happened today on a 4th machine at our business. Here's some responses to your stabs:


                          - We have tried the disabling add-ins, and it still occurs.

                          - A couple of us listen to music, others don't. It's happened on both machines.

                          - We don't use anything over ERP. We are working over a network, but not sure I'm willing to run off a network with our nightly backups at the moment.

                          - I use a 3d mouse, but others that have had the problem do not.

                          - Have noticed it on a fresh restart, or after a half day of work, doesn't matter.


                          Thanks again for help. At the moment, it's still occurring, I've sent multiple problem captures to SW with no replies yet. And it's happening on 2018 SP4.0 now as well.

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                              Alex Lachance

                              Hey Brandon,


                              Since upgrading to Windows 10, I've had 2 PC's do this problem on SolidWorks 2016. Generally a computer restart fixes the problem for us.


                              One of the guys who gets it more often uses a remote connection to connect to his computer and work from his home, the bug often occurs when he comes back at work.


                              This is definetly a problem with your graphic card/driver. I'd try using another driver to see if that could fix the issue. Make sure to look on Windows to see what driver you are using because I noticed last week that SWX gives inaccurate reports about graphic card drivers.  What I mean by that is that I downloaded a driver from the SolidWorks website and after installing it, SWX would say it was another driver and Windows would say it was a different driver then the one on their website. I've sent this to my VAR and had a SPR opened about this, perhaps it doesn't happen on 2018 tough.


                              You've mentionned some of your coworkers don't have the issue, do they happen to use the same graphic card then you? I'd try using the same driver as the one they have if they do have the same graphic card.

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                                  Brandon Lasota

                                  Thanks for the reply.


                                  We have various PC's running mostly the same video cards and drivers. Some also have Windows 10, others 7 and the issue has shown up on both.


                                  As far as your video card drive, I've been through that troubleshooting, and may be able to help your issue. While trying to solve mine, I've found out that sometimes, windows will automatically update your driver, which may or may not be approved by SW just yet. You can turn that function off in windows update. You can select it to not automatically update only the video card driver, but still update everything else.


                                  Another part of your issue is driven by remnants of an old driver on your system somewhere. Next time you do an update, do it manually, and there is a setting for a clean install, which essentially wipes out anything connected to old drivers, and replaces it. Found this out while troubleshooting my current issue. Hopefully that fixes it.


                                  Some of the co-workers that have not had this issue have carbon-copies of my machine. Hardware wise, software wise, settings wise, driver wise.


                                  Thanks for the input.

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                          Todd Blacksher

                          Is the fan on the video card working?

                          I'm wondering if there might be an issue with the video card hardware - it could start acting weird if it is overheating or some of the chips have fried/failed.

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                            Ronald van Til

                            Hi Brandon,


                            Got the same problems. Dell M6800 with AMD Firepro M6100. Only solution for me has been to wipe the driver with the clean up utility and installing a driver from the Dell support site. The Solidworks certified driver from the Solidworks support site exhibits the same behavior. The problem disappeared at my system after reinstall of the old driver the laptop came delivered with or the latest from the Dell site. The generic Firepro driver from AMD is also not OK at my system (although it is stated on the AMD site as being specifically for the M6800).


                            Hope you get it worked out. Was a pain at my system. Annoying is that Solidworks keeps nagging that the driver I am using is not certified blablabla..... And also the AMD driver is nagging that it wants to update.... Really helpful these tools.


                            At my system the problems occurred mostly when there was something transparent on screen. Say when you edit a component in context or switch a component to semi transparent. At the time the troubles started I was busy with some routing and then you are editing in context all the time. Can't remember I had problems in pre SW2018 releases though.... I am running SW2018 SP3, win7 x64, 16Gb, Firepro M6100 driver 18.Q2.1, i7-4910MQ and the previous BIOS (I believe A19) because of slowdowns with the latest.

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                                Brandon Lasota

                                Excellent, thanks for the suggestion, I'll look into that. I have also done a complete wipe of the drivers, but always update it with what SW's tells me. Maybe I'll give the dell driver a try and see what happens.


                                I will also see it behave like you said, when you make something transparent.

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                                    Ronald van Til

                                    Can't really remember if I experienced troubles in SW2017 like you have. I stay away from updating my videodrivers to much because of past experiences (my AMD driver / videocard is also having troubles with the double videocard onboard - low power intel and high power AMD card). Been so stupid to update last year it was I believe. Since then troubles started coming my way, at first no problems, then it started crashing with nice BSODs (at the most awkward times off course); crashes started coming more frequently till they happened multiple times a day (off course was in the process of finishing a project). As last resort (before the advised by Dell full factory restore) switched off the dual videocard thingy in the BIOS and the BSODs disappeared. Since then did lots of meddling with videocard drivers back and forth (and switched the dual videocard thingy on again - because of very annoying black screens upon warm boot) because of the screen corruption you also experience. In the end found a driver that does not show the artifacts you describe in my system and stopped meddling. Once in a while I experience some rubbish on screen with some parts, this disappears with a rebuild. I am afraid to open up another hell hole, so accept it for now.


                                    System is 3 years old now, but I am not quite sure if it will be Dell again, or AMD.....

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                                    Brandon Lasota

                                    I've tried the original drivers and still get the issue on my Dell, so that is also a no go. I'm getting a new machine in a few weeks, so maybe we'll see if there's a new video card or driver that I haven't seen yet and see if it occurs. However, we do have some employees with fairly new machines that still see the issue.

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                                    Frederick Law

                                    It does look like over heat on video card.  Either GPU or memory.

                                    Might need a bit of vacuuming.  Could be dust on fan and heatsink.

                                    There are program you can get to increase fan speed on video card, cpu and chassis.

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                                      Brandon Lasota

                                      A couple updates. I've also included some artwork for your viewing pleasure. I also wanted to give a video. See description in video of problem timestamps. Since this post, I've heard back from Solidworks through my re-seller with a few suggestions...


                                      • Shoretel Desktop Sharing Accelerator display adapter has been disabled. (This is our phone system that connects to our PC. It shows as a display adapter for whatever reason, but was disabled)
                                      • Disabled every add-in available to me, including Questica ETO. (I wanted to try just for 1 day, with every add-in turned off. So I did that, with no luck)
                                      • The background image was set back to default (I had a custom background image for my workspace, which I set back to default)
                                      • Reset/Renamed the entire Solidworks Registry. (Suggestion by Solidworks. Reset all my settings, and still happened)
                                      • Only Solidworks running. After the reboot, I started up ONLY Solidworks, and the issue appeared.


                                      Solidworks Component View Problem - YouTube