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VSRemoteDebugger failed to install, SolidWorks 2016

Question asked by Timothy Davis on Jul 18, 2018

Recently I bought a brand new laptop and attempted to install SolidWorks 16 from my educational institution via an ISO file.  I am not sure why, but every time I try to install it I receive this error message: The executable file "G:\64bit\VSRemoteDebugger\install.exe" /q did not install successfully.  I try to install the install.exe of the VSRemoteDebugger via the command line and it tells me I can't install this app on this pc.

The G drive is the drive that my ISO is mounted on.  It usually downloads to 1% and then throws up the error.  I have done a factory reset on my pc about 3 times now and still receive this error.

I am running Windows 8.1, intel i7, nvidia 960m graphics.  Any ideas?